What is Cryptoheroes?

Cryptoheroes is a classic clicker with a cryptocurrency economic model and strategy elements. You can play both solo and with a team. The game is based upon the COFFE blockchain (coffe.io, coffe.bloks.io, t.me/coffeofficialgroup). The essence of the game is to develop an account and attack other players..

Create a FREE COFFE account

To play you will need a FREE COFFE Multichain account. To register it, use the telegram bot. Press a start button and send h in the chat to bring up the menu.
Then click ‘account’ > ‘create’. By registering an account in the bot, you accept the terms of use described in two documents on the links (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them). Next, enter the desired account name. The account name consists of 12 characters without spaces. It is allowed to use lowercase characters a..z and numbers 1..5. Please note: numbers 0, 6, 7, 8, 9 are not allowed in account names.
Confirm the creation of an account by clicking on the ‘create a new account’ button. Upon successful account creation, you will see the following message from the bot:
You now have a COFFE account for the game.

Registering and logging into the game using a coffe account

Download the game from the market or follow the link https://cryptoheroes.net/play. Enter your coffe account in the input field and click the login button. The player’s registration is made at the first login.
The @CFFswop_bot telegram will send a confirmation of the action. You need to press yes to enter.
After confirming the entrance, you will be asked to select a position of your castle on the map. Select any free cell and click on it. The selected field will be marked with a cross. Press the select button.
The @CFFswop_bot telegram will receive a confirmation of the action. You need to press yes to confirm the selected item. You are now a crypto heroes player!

Kingdom overview

On this screen, you see an overview of your holdings. At the top is the resources panel, you now have zero amount of each. In the upper right corner, there is a plus button, with which you can buy resources or units for a quick start or change the current position in the game. In the left corner, under the resources panel, there is a prize pool view button. Next is the screen where you see 4 resource mines, your castle, and below there are the forge and barracks. Below is the screen switching menu: home screen, lock, map, rating.


This screen contains information on your account: the strength of the army (attack, defense, health), the number of units of each type, the number of mounts and their bonus to the army, the forge bonus, and other bonuses. There is also a logout button to log out of the game.

World map

Here you see other players. Your castle is green. Players' castles available for capture today are yellow. Players' castles that have already been captured today are colored red. At the top is the strength panel of your army, then the player's search panel by coordinates or coffe account, and the button for returning the map to your castle. By clicking on the player's castle, you can view information about the number of enemy troops.


On the rating screen, you can see the positions of the top 100 players, and below there is your position. At the top is the rating filter panel for the strength of the castle, captures, total profit for the season, and profit for the day.

Resource mines

When clicking on a mine, the user is taken to this screen. Above is the name of the mine, the level, and the button for closing the screen. There are also information about building improvement and an improvement button. During the improvement of the building, information about the current progress and the speed-up button for accelerating the improvement for game tokens will be there. When the improvement is complete, a complete button will appear.
Below is an image of a building and a claim button for mined resources. The mine gains resources for 10 minutes, after which the user needs to claim them. At the time of mining, this place of the screen will contain information about the remaining time until the next claim.


This screen is similar to the mine screen except for the bottom. There is the army bonus that this building gives.


The top of the screen is also similar to the mine and forge screens. At the bottom of the screen, there is the selection of units for training and the cost of it. To buy a unit, enter the number of units in the text field and press the train button. During the training, the time until its end and the speedup button for accelerating training for game tokens will appear. After completing the training, click the finish button to pick up your units.

Purchase of resources and units

On this screen, you can purchase additional game resources or units for swap tokens btcc, bnbc, eosc, ethc, trxc, usdt. At the top there is a panel for choosing a payment token, then a panel for selecting a required resource. The resources come in packages of 1000 pieces. In the input field, you must enter the required number of packages and click the buy button. It is the same for buying units. Units are sold in packs of 10.

Actions in the game

User actions are displayed in the blockchain history, which means they have value and can be confirmed. The user confirms each of the actions made with his or her account in the cffswop_bot bot. For example, I press the claim of resources in a wooden mine. A request to confirm the action is sent via telegram.
Actions not related to the transfer of user’s tokens can be added to the whitelist. To do this, instead of the YES button, press the Add new WHITE Action button. After that, the bot will automatically confirm this action every time.
Why can't token transfer actions be added to the whitelist? We believe that any financial action requires personal confirmation of the user so that he or she can verify the correctness of the action made and check again that there was not a mistake.

Smart contract games

The application is only an interface for the game that receives and transmits user data. The game engine is entirely based on a smart contract and is recorded in the blockchain on the coffe.bloks.io/account/h3.game account. All actions of all users can be seen in this contract. You can also perform game actions from a smart contract (for this you need to understand how blockchains based on eosio software work).

Prize fund and distribution of financial flows

The prize fund of the game is located on the ch3prizepool account and accumulates in btcc, ethc, eosc, trxc, bnbc, usdt tokens. We made an initial deposit of 22 ethc as a starting prize pool. For today, this is about $30,000. The prize pool from this account will be distributed at the end of the season. The $3000 equivalent of usdt will be paid to the king (the player with the most captures). 20% of the prize fund will be shared by the owners of nft tokens https://opensea.io/collection/cryptoheroes-reward-token only 100 of which have been issued. They are traded on opensea.io. All tokens were sold out within 24 hours, but you can make a purchase offer to their owners. The rest of the funds will be distributed between the top 100 players by the number of captures.
All user funds in the game (payments for the purchase of units and resources) are distributed as follows:
60% - remains in the game contract and is distributed daily to players by the number of captures.
30% - goes to the accumulation of the prize fund to the ch3prizepool account.
9% - game commission to developers.
1% - to holders of the cff token in coffe.hold.

Change keys to switch to another wallet or create an additional key pair

Please make sure that you understand what you are doing and for what purpose. The coffe team will not be able to help you if you lose access to your account and funds on it. Make sure you understand how the eosio software works before performing this step.
Send the bot ‘h’, click the ‘account’ > ‘change keys’ button. Enter the new public key for your account. Confirm the change. Private and public access will be rewritten to this public key. If you lose the private key of this pair, you will never be able to use this account.

Check account balance

Send the bot ‘h’, press the balance button. For user convenience, the balances are divided into network swaps. To view the balance of tokens issued on the coffe network, click on ‘coffe’. To view the balance of tokens related to other blockchain networks, select a required network.
For example, the game token chtc and the eosc token are swap tokens from the eos network, and the ethc token relates to the eth token from the ethereum network.

Withdraw funds from your coffe account

A commission is set for withdrawing funds from the network. It is different for different networks, for example, for swapout in eos tron ​​bnb it is $ 1, in ethereum - $ 5, in bitcoin - $ 10.
Send the bot ‘h’> press ‘transfer’> select the network to which you want to transfer.
For example, bring ethc to the eth network. To do this, click to ETH.
Read the instructions for withdrawing funds and an example.
For example, to output 0.1 ethc in ethereum 0.1 eth:
#swap 0xE582a9B2 …………… 56Ff7bf2c4E 0.1 ethc
Please note that the withdrawal system is a dapp on the coffe network and does not overdraw the application. If the commission in the ethereum network for a transaction exceeds $ 2.5, then the system will wait for a suitable commission before making the transfer.

Depositing funds to your coffe account

Funds are deposited into the network without commissions. The user receives the full amount.
Send the bot ‘h’> press ‘transfer’> select the network from which you want to swap to the coffe account.
For example, depositing eth into the network as the swap token ethc. To do this, click ‘from ETH’.
Read the instructions and transfer to the specified address from the eth network. After a certain number of confirmations on the ethereum network, an ethc token will be issued to your coffe account on the coffe network. As soon as this happens, the bot will send you a notification with a link to the transaction.

Transferring funds between coffe accounts

Send the bot ‘h’> press ‘transfer’> press ‘coffe to coffe’.
For example, to send 100 chtc tokens to the abcdefghigkl account, write the command:
#transfer abcdefghigkl 100 chtc

Buying/selling chtc and other tokens on the coffe.one exchange

All prize funds will come in all tokens used in the game. To exchange all tokens for any one token of a network convenient for you, you can use the coffe.one exchange.

How to login in the exchange

Follow the link coffe.one. In the upper right corner, click ‘connect wallet’, select ‘coffe smart wallet’.
Enter your coffe account.
Confirm the action in the telegram bot CFFswop_bot.

Selecting a market for buying/selling a token

In the exchange menu, click ‘Market’ and select the market for the token you need. All tokens on the exchange are traded in usdt.
For example, the game token chtc and the eosc token are swap tokens from the eos network, and the ethc token relates to the eth token from the ethereum network.
For example, select chtc
On the left is a list of offers to sell (red) and buy (green). Select the "market trade" tab and specify the amount for which you want to purchase tokens. Then click on the buy CHTC button.
Or use limit orders to place your own bids for price and volume. For example, to buy chtc for 0.002 usdt per 1 token in the amount of 20 usdt, fill in the fields as follows.
Press the buy CHTC button and confirm the data in the bot.
The sale of tokens comes in the same way.